Catch Debbie Lee on The Next Food Network Star!

nfns5_debbie_s3x4_alSeason 5 of The Next Food Network Star premieres in just 11 days! Tune in to Food Network Sunday, June 7 at 9pm/8c and catch the ten finalists compete for the biggest prize on TV – their own show!

Our love for Asian cuisine has us super excited to meet finalist Debbie Lee, a 39 year old restaurant consultant. According to the Food Network website,  Debbie’s Korean heritage and Southern upbringing make a a dynamic combination as she uniquely blends Asian and American cuisines.

Check out he full bio here or watch Debbie’s road to stardom.


One Response to Catch Debbie Lee on The Next Food Network Star!

  1. Stephen says:

    Let’s face the fact that Debbie Lee has a serious character flaw despite what how tearfully she’d disagree. Instead of admitting faults she finds excuses for her mistakes. She can’t cook Korean food worth crap, her Korean is terrible (mind you it’s simple words not even sentences), and she plays the race card for being Korean. I am Korean and I was completely pissed off. I am so glad Bobby Flay saw right through her BS. From her not owning up to the Miami party as kitchen manager, saying she actually used the capers, and then saying that Koreans like to eat their meat “tough”. GALBI-JJIM IS NOT TOUGH DEBBIE LEE. It is slow cooked Galbi that literally falls off the bones. I have an American friend who I introduced Korean BBQ to and he couldn’t even eat it because he considered it too “fatty” and “tender”. Debbie’s justification for that horrifying excuse for her Galbi-jjim made it seem like Koreans were like cavemen “Gnawing” rubber-meat.

    Debbie Lee you were the WORST representation for a Korean-American on National TV. Please gain some morals in your life and realize that usually those who admit their faults and weaknesses are more respected than those who try to create a lame excuse for everything. But then along with your “I’m Korean” rant you frequently stated that you wouldn’t feel bad about your mistakes. Yea but neither should you lie and pretend it never happened.

    As stated earlier, she lied about her Galbi-Jjim. That or my family cookin, Korean restaurant experience in Korea, LA, anywhere I live of my favorite Korean dish are all wrong. The fact is that you can’t make 갈비찜 in an hour. It is like Korean pot-roast. To this statement I can say I may be incorrect, but I’m not a cook; neither is Debbie. Americans are much more likely to eat “tougher” meat than Koreans. It only adds to the fact that she is a complete liar and will do anything to get out of the negative spotlight. The irony, of course, being that she has permanently placed herself in one through her mendacious personality.

    As many have stated, the only reason you repeatedly attest to the fact that you are Korean is purely because you can’t cook Korean. Let me give you a hint Debbie, most people find race-card playing extremely annoying. Use your talent as your credibility, not your race. If you have a special cultural background that makes your food unique, show it on the plate, not through your trash verbiage.

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